Native  Ocracoke Seafood

 Ocracoke Bar and Grille uses the freshest ingredients we can acquire. Our remote location makes logistics a daily concern. While we have great relationships with some of the best vendors in the restaurant world, we value our pride to the local commercial fishermen/women.

Ocracoke Working Watermen  We rely heavily on local fish markets to offer as much local seafood as we possibly can. Be sure to support our local fishing industry while you visit Ocracoke. There are Seafood Retail options on Ocracoke that carry a wide variety of local caught seafood. Be sure to visit them and bring some seafood back home with you. Ask for Vacuum sealing service for the best way to keep your seafood fresh, longer.


Authentic Baja Mexican & Fresh Local Seafood

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  Insist on Fresh Local Seafood. You should always ask the server , where the Seafood came from. If they don't know, just get the burger instead.
All Cooks, Servers and Bartenders at Ocracoke Bar and Grille know where our seafood came from and, most of the time, the names of the fishermen/women who caught it.
Always Question where your seafood came from!


Just like Spicoli from Fast times at Ridgmont High, you too can order a pizza to be delivered to you while sitting at our bar... Just ask the server for a Sorellas Menu.

Order Pizza Delivery To The Bar

To Order Call: (252) 928-7777